Litabis Cloud

The Magic Behind our Chat and Information Display Systems

Easy and Cost Effective Deployment Thanks to the Cloud Architecture

  • No new servers are required to be installed in hotel; Litabis is running on our own secure servers
  • No additional system administration costs; system maintenance is provided by experienced Litabis technicians
  • No big front investment, low monthly fees go out of you operating budget

Hotel managers should’t need to worry about technology. Litabis takes virtually no time to deploy or maintain. Just use it, and leave the rest to us.


ChatChannel & InfoChannel

There are two subsystems in Litabis Cloud, silently working together to bring you a seamless experience.

  • ChatChannel provides  multilingual web chat for WebChat, GuestChat, InfoTV and InfoPanel
  • InfoChannel manages the information display part of InfoPanel, InfoTV and InfoPad.

Both subsystems share Litabis Cloud resources, but can also be used independently. For example, it’s common to start with just WebChat on your site, and later add InfoPanel kiosk to the lobby and InfoPad into the rooms.

Litabis incorporates the best services in the field to get you the best experience possible.

Google Translate

Industry leading Google Translate paid service powers ChatChannel’s bidirectional translation between 90+ languages.

Weather Forecast

The unimitable brings your guests detailed hour-by-hour and day-by-day weather forecast. This feature is available to all systems incorporating InfoChannel, that is InfoPanel, InfoTV, and InfoPad.

Based on our statistics is this feature is guests’ all-time favorite!


InfoChannel is able to talk to all major news channels like CNN, BBC, Reuters, and more.

Any news source available over RSS feed can be added to the ‘breaking news’ reel – even local news channels.


ChatChannel Administration Web Interface

All administration and setup of the ChatChannel is done in a dedicated simple and straightforward web console, and it has all the features you need:

  • Specifying websites to be used for on-line chat and generate code for inclusion to websites. Number of websites is not limited
  • Setting operators for websites; operators can be shared
  • Defining knowledge base and FAQ
  • Archive access and search
  • Analytics reports
  • Billing

InfoChannel Administrator Web Interface

InfoChannel has its own dedicated web console just like ChatChannel.

Administrator can specifies what kinds of devices (InfoPanel, InfoPad, InfoTV) are placed at which location, how they should behave, what are the screen resolutions, landscape vs. portrait orientation, and much more.

Content Manager

There is a separate authoring tool for generating content for InfoPanel like event slides with calendar integration, information about hotel’s amenities, special promotions, etc. This way, your backend administration does not spill over into your content management. Of course the editor sports a multilingual architecture with automated and human translation options.


Front Desk Operations

There is a workflow specifically developed for your front desk receptionists that allows sending messages and providing on-line chat support for hotel guests if required.

Messages, all with delivery notice, can be sent

  • to individual guests as an email or a text message
  • to rooms to be displayed on InfoTV
  • to dynamic groups such as conference attendees, etc.

Messaging supports multilingual operation – messages are automatically translated to recipient language.

Devices can be grouped to static or dynamic groups and number of devices in group is not limited. One device can be in more static or dynamic groups.

Static group

contains physical devices, like InfoPad in the rooms. For example can be grouped all VIP rooms allowing to send group message to all VIP guests.

Dynamic Group

consists from guests attending certain event regardless in which room they are accommodated. For example if guests are parts of wedding group, front desk operator of InfoChannel can send message to all wedding guests regardless in which room they are.

oved for even better translation by professional – human translation.

For more information see Content Editor in InfoPanel.

Remote device monitoring

Each Litabis device is real-time monitored for functionality and problems are immediately reported to Administrator. There are reported various information like battery charge level for tablet, WiFi connection quality and even if tablet was moved out of the hotel and where is located right now.