GuestChat puts the power of direct chat support on your guests devices.



Power of Litabis ChatChannel

Thanks to the cloud architecture, GuestChat has all the chops and grandeur of our fabulus ChatChannel:

  • real-time translating between 90+ languages
  • shared human resources with WebChat
  • centralized knowledge base
  • searchable chat archives
  • user data collection and analytics

Direct order of hotel services

GuestChat administrator can define any number of internal and external services and operators be it hotel staff or a friendly taxi service.

  • Reception
  • Concierge
  • Room Service
  • Restaurant
  • Universal chat support team

“It’s as if you were to develop your own direct messaging app – enhanced with centralized chat support team, multilingual capability, and of course your inimitable branding.”


Chat from within the hotel

It’s not uncommon for people to have almost amusingly personified and personal relationship with their own mobile devices. “Hey, don’t peck so hard into the keyboard, it hurts the poor laptop!”

Having the power of Litabis at their fingertips on their own devices, people are more likely to engage with you – be it a quick question or a cry for help. People are simply most comfortable using their own computing friends.

Guests can connect to GuestChat by visiting a custom URL or by scanning a conveniently placed QR code with their smartphone.

Chat from outside of the hotel

Here’s the real deal! Now your support and interaction with your guests is no longer bound by the limits of geography, time, or space.

Hotel guests can use GuestChat while they are your customers no matter where they are. For example, they can ask for help getting a taxi driver, make just-in-time event reservations, or inquire about recommendations for current happenings depending on where they are.