InfoPad & InfoTV

Touch screen information system for hotel rooms.

The Software

InfoPad and InfoTV are both sporting android based interface and a direct line to Litabis Cloud for chat and information display functionality. This gives both systems all the goodies that come with our cloud like amazing multilingual capabilities, centralized management, online content editor and more. We dare you to read more in the Litabis Cloud section.

One function of these devices to be interactive displays connected to your central database that show the guests

  • Hotel events calendar
  • Hotel amenities
  • Hotel restaurants info and reservations
  • Weather forecast
  • local map and attractions
  • local transportation, taxi
  • airport arrival and departures
  • News

However, there are also special guest and room-specific features

  • Guest’s personalized invitation to events
  • Custom fit event program
  • Guest’s events messaging
  • Multilingual GuestChat
  • WEB access
  • WiFi quality monitoring
  • Theft protection

Case study: guest-specific event programming & messaging

While digital signage at public areas are confined to general information, interactive displays in rooms can truly cater to one’s needs.

Let there be three events in the hotel: a wedding, a conference and a golf tournament.

Hotel management, in cooperation with the event managers, write up the events’ programs and enter them into the hotel’s events calendar. Now, the various programs will be shown automatically at the appropriate digital signage screens depending on event locations. (Since the conference is in the conference rooms and the wedding is in the main restaurant.)

As guests check into the hotel, Litabis takes notice the events they tend to. When a guest comes into his or her room, useful information about the right event is already waiting for him.

Guests can send anything from InfoTV or InfoTab to their own devices by email or throught a QR code push notifications.

For the event managers, a great feature is to to send a message to the all their attendees’ rooms. Imagine there were change in location for a wedding breakfast party. Hotel staff has can notify all the attendees in an instant, and even get a confirmation of delivery. The same feature can be used for special proposals from hotel marketing managers, like happy hour announcements or discounted Spa treatments.

InfoPad Super Powers

InfoPad is usually brand name (Samsung, Nexus, Lenovo, etc.) 8-10 inch tablet with high resolution screen and good reliability. Tablet can be protected in regular or custom made case, had added basic level of security preventing hotel guests from misuse or stealing.

It’s also easy on your IT support: malfunctions are reported in real time

  • tablet is almost discharged
  • tablet is not communicating
  • quality of WiFi connection in room is bad
  • guest took tablet out of the hotel

InfoTV Super Powers

InfoTV is just like InfoPad, but much much bigger!

To convert a regular old TV into a smart screen, yuu just need two things. Android base Litabis processing unit, and the access to the Litabis Cloud. Done.

TV Conversion Details

TV screen is outfitted with an acrylic sheet to protect it from touches and with an infrared frame connected to Android computer to handle the touch input.

Since the Litabis processing unit is pure Android, the TV truly become just a huge tablet. It has exactly the same features, but with convenience of a bigger screen.

Entertainment Game features

Huge touch screen with Android functionality brings a new possibility: to be loaded with various games and used as “in room” kid (or adult) entertainment system.

This possibility is highly appreciated by kids of all ages. Many of our InfoTV screens and conversions have been commissioned by kindergartens and other education facilities.

You could of course make it an extension of you hotel’s Kids center.