Multilingual Hotel Information Panel

InfoPanel is a touch screen information panel placed in hotel’s public spaces like lobbies, elevators, in front of conference rooms etc. It’s easy to set up, easy to maintain, and always up-to-date.

While centrally managed through an online editor for ease of use and content deployment, it’s also completely customizable screen by screen. A panel in the hotel lobby may give guest a rundown of essential hotel services, overview of breaking news, and remind them of recent weather changes. A panel in front of a conference room on the other hand may show an up-to-date schedule of events.


Online Content Editor

Layout and graphics for InfoPanel screens are created in a powerful online graphics editor.

Content creation is intuitive and fast: images, texts, videos, and backgrounds are simply placed in a desired structure onto an interactive digital canvas.

Any design can be stored as a Template and later reused. This makes it a breeze to the develop your own corporate graphics templates – a necessity for repeatable and effortless content creation.


Guests can switch between display languages at any time and all the graphics will change accordingly.

The online content editor makes it easy to manage multiple language versions. You can both create posts in as many languages as you wish, and also have our system automatically translate the posts for you. There are no limitations for number of languages; selection of languages is given by hotel location and most common guests’ origins.

Email or Push Information Into Mobile Phones

Guests can send information from InfoPanel into their own mobile devices over email, text message or simply by scanning a QR code on the screen.

In this way, InfoPanel saves your guests precious time, and also the muscle pain from copying all these great pieces of information by hand.

Promotion Mode

When InfoPanel is not touched for awhile by anyone, it can automatically enter into the Promotion Mode.

In this mode, the panel displays information about calendar events that you mark as “Featured” for defined days or even hours. For example, if InfoPanel is in front of a conference room, it can show program for the specific day or even inform about speakers pm stage or imminent lunch breaks.

Slides for Promotion Mode are prepared with the same online editor fas any other display content And yes, you can make it multilingual!

InfoPanel Works Even Without Touch

InfoPanel can run on a regular -non-touch monitor or a regular TV extended by InfoPanel Processor.

This functionality enables you to add existing simple digital screens to the Litabis Cloud and take advantage of cenralized content management and delivery.


Wide Choice of Kiosks and Touch Screens

We are cooperating with a number of touch screen hardware producers to bring to our customers a wide selection of self-standing and wall-mounted screens, or even touch-enabled tables for restaurants or meeting rooms.

Additionally, a touch screen of your choice can equipped with Litabis InfoPanel Processor to be able to communicate with Litabis Cloud.

DIY Touch Frame Kit

If your desire your own uniquely designed touch screens fitting into your interior, for example to flush them right into your walls, you can use our DIY Touch Frame Kit of 32” or 42” diagonal screen size (other sizes can also be custom made by request).

Touch frame kit contains all you need to make your own kiosk or a wall-mounted touch panel:

  • frame elements
  • rivets
  • protection plexi-glass
  • infrared touch frame with USB output
  • USB drivers for Android, Windows or Macintosh computer
  • VESA TV / monitor fixture

Click here to see and download CAD 3D model (your engineers and architects will rejoice)